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Rekonstruktion von Identität in oberschlesischen Sprachbiographien

Felicja Księżyk

Pages 001 - 018


Identity reconstruction in Upper Silesian language biographies

This article is based on language biographies acquired as part of the Polish-German LangGener project. Based on the assumption that biographical research may turn out to be cognitively interesting when analyzing identity and attitude towards the language, the purpose of the article is to reconstruct the identity of German-born Upper Silesians, whose identity, as a result of shifting borders after World War II and changing the prevailing language, is not static and whose language biographies are marked by the experience of a lack of continuity and cracks. The concept of the (re)construction of identity seems to be adequate here, because during the interviews the interlocutors were never asked about their identity or belonging, and yet in their statements they position themselves narratively. The conducted biographical interviews allow us to examine the mutual interrelation of identity and language, i.e. how the use of a language can index such an elusive dimension as identity.

The article is written in German.


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