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Die Welt der Slaven

Edited by Daniel Bunčić, Susanne Frank, Schamma Schahadat, Katrin Schlund, Monika Wingender


Advisory Board: 
Raoul Eshelman, Rainer Grübel, Wolfgang Hock, Sebastian Kempgen, Aleksandr Lavrov, Volkmar Lehmann, Peter Rehder, Wolf Schmid, Ulrich Schweier, Igor Smirnov, Klaus Steinke, Michael Wachtel, Anna Zalizniak.


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Reviews only after consultation.


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The journal was founded in 1956 by Harrassowitz-Verlag and has been published since Volume 61 (2016) again by Harrassowitz.
From volume XVII (1972) to XXI (1976) it was published by Böhlau-Verlag (Cologne/Vienna) and
from volume XXII (1977) to LX (2015) by Verlag Otto Sagner (Munich).


All articles have undergone anonymous peer review

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Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2024