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«История царствования Петра Великого». Николая Устрялова и ее художественный резонанс. К вопросу о правде и правдоподобии в науке и искусстве

Мария Чернышева (Maria Chernysheva)

Seiten 048 - 055

DOI https://doi.org/10.13173/WS.65.1.048

“The History of Peter the Great’s Reign” by Nikolaj Ustrjalov and its reverberation in the visual arts: On the issue of truth and verisimilitude in science and art

The article considers the research approach Nikolaj Ustrjalov takes in his History of Peter the Great’s Reign (1858-1863) and the significance of this work. Particular attention is paid to the appendices of Ustrjalov’s History, which consist of numerous verbal and visual sources. The article also discusses how Ustrjalov’s work influenced the depiction of Peter and his epoch in graphics and painting.

The article is written in Russian.


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