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Лингвотекстология Успенского сборника: Данные орфографии

Георгий А. Мольков (George A. Molkow)

Pages 128 - 147


A detailed description of the orthographic features of the scribes of the Uspenskij sbornik allows us to reveal textual joints that testify to the heterogeneity of the works included in this collection. These joints are better traced in the handwriting of the second scribe: his text splits into 5 parts, the boundaries of which coincide with the works’ boundaries. The first manuscript copier more or less standardized the spelling systems of several sources, but in the text copied by him it is possible to see the differences in the ratio of variants of some orthograms that coincide the boundaries of the works. There are also a number of particular features in the spelling of the Uspenskij sbornik which complete the development of the original Old Russian spelling norm. This suggests that the antigraphs of all discovered textual segments were, most likely, manuscripts of an Old Russian origin, and consequently the corpus of texts presented in the manuscript was formed in Ruthenia.

The article is written in Russian.


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