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Kritisieren als Zugriffsobjekt auf mediale Diskurse: Eine Analyse des deutschen und polnischen politischen Diskurses über die polnische Rechtsstaatlichkeit

as a means of accessing media discourse: An analysis of German and Polish political discourse on the rule of law in Poland.

Anna Hanus, Jarochna Dąbrowska-Burkhardt

Pages 262 - 290


This article, grounded in pragmalinguistics, aims to identify similarities and differences in the transfer of knowledge with regard to the prominent actors involved or presented in the national discourse on the rule of law in Poland, conducted in Germany and Poland. Its purpose is to draw conclusions on transnational discourse. The method proposed, defined as an extension of the previously applied discourse research methods, is based on the concept of criticising, construed as a complex language action whose communicative goal can be inferred mainly from the context, as well as on the basis of the recipients’ general knowledge of the world and their ability to make intertextual and discursive references. The analysis was designed to facilitate conclusions on the individual actors and their knowledge, the knowledge conveyed to the recipients, as well as general social knowledge.


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