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Сдвигология Алексея Кручёных. в контексте акционизма (непристойный аспект)

Андрей Россомахин (Andrey Rossomakhin)

Pages 228 - 236


Aleksej Kručënyx’s “shift theory” (“sdvigologija") in the context of actionism (the obscene aspect)

The famous “shift theory” by Aleksej Kručënyx is not only an element of his linguistic and paralinguistic studies and not only an echo of Freudian works and an analysis of the unconscious of language itself. Rather it is both an echo of the formalist paradigm and an artistic gesture – with an obvious attitude to epatage, in the spirit of the early strategies of futurism. The article attempts to trace a number of obscenities – from futurism to late actionistic gestures, which implement the shift technique and appropriate the findings and concepts of one of the key figures of Aleksej Kručënyx’s “transmental” (“zaumʹ”) poetry and of the avant-garde epoch in general.

The article is written in Russian.


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