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Ошибка и забывание в смеховом контексте(от Зощенко до YouTube)

Надежда Григорьева (Nadezda Grigoryeva)

Pages 199 - 211


Mistake and forgetting in a comical context (from Zoščenko to YouTube)

This article is an attempt at comparing memory repression and mistakes in comical texts of postrevolutionary cultures. The author tries to study comical cases of forgetting and speech disfluency in the 1920-1930s by Mixail Zoščenko and in the 2010s by digital comedy artists. Zoščenko wrote his comical texts after the social revolution which placed the homo vulgaris in the centre of the literary field. YouTube comedy videos were created in the course of the digital revolution that gave everybody access to the big audience of Internet users. In both cases comical forgetting participates in the cultural amnesia: the memory about the “high” (literary) language is repressed and replaced by the “low” language of mistakes, obscenities and naive puns.

The article is written in Russian.


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