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Language situation in the District of Homelʹ (Belarus)

Salvatore Del Gaudio

Pages 324 - 351


This article describes the language situation in the southern part of the rural District of Homel (Belarus). This border area represents a segment of the Polissian geographic macro-region, which is set across Belarus, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and, to a limited extent, eastern Poland. The territory under examination is characterized by the co-existence of different language codes whose use and distribution depends on a series of more or less interrelated variables. Sociolinguistic data were collected by means of field notes and ad hoc prepared questionnaires during individual field research carried out between spring and autumn of 2017. The illustrative material and the ensuing analysis of data will be preceded by an introductory outline of the most essential aspects of the language situation in the Region of Homelʹ.

The article is written in English.


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