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Браки царей Ивана и Петра Алексеевичей и русская многоименность на пороге Нового времени

Анна Литвина(Anna F. Litvina), Федор Успенский (Fjodor B. Uspenskij)

Pages 68 - 90


The marriages of Tsars Ivan V and Peter the Great in the context of Russian multinominality at the dawn of the Modern Era

It is widely accepted in academic literature that, due to the marriages of Peter the Great and his brother Ivan V, each of their respective fathers-in-law received the same new name of Feodor. The present work offers a different perspective on this onomastic event - it is considered in a broader context of the evolution of the naming system in Russia, both in dynastic and nondynastic practice of the 16th -17th centuries, with a particular focus on the anthroponymic strategies of Tsar Aleksej Mixajlovic, who became one of the subverters of the tradition of medieval multinominality.

This article is written in Russian.


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