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Некоторые итоги изучения Новгородского кодекса начала ХІ века (к 20-летию находки)

Марина А. Бобрик (Marina Bobrik)

Pages 221 - 237


Some results of the study of the Novgorod Codex from the beginning of the 11th century (On the 20th anniversary of its discovery)

The Novgorod triptych from the first quarter of the 11th century known as the Novgorod Codex has become a sensation since its discovery in 2000. The early date, the good preservation of the wax, and the composition of the texts (psalms on the wax and mostly apocryphal texts reconstructed on the wooden surface beneath the wax) gave the book exceptional significance and attracted the attention of Slavists from different areas. An outstanding role in the study of the book belongs to A. A. Zaliznjak. Today, twenty years after the start of research, many questions regarding the triptych remain open. One of them is the question of the function of the book. This paper critically summarizes the considerations expressed so far on the main research topics.

This article is written in Russian.


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