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„Stichi na končinu…“. Russische Begräbnisdichtung im 18. Jahrhundert

Joachim Klein

Pages 141 - 177


“Stixi na končinu…”: Russian funeral poetry in the 18th century

Funeral poetry was a very popular type of occasional poetry in eighteenth- and early nineteenthcentury Russia. In its development, it expressed an enlightened, sentimentalist zeitgeist, turning away from the fundamental values of the Petrine ethos. The shift entailed a rethinking of the concept of human greatness. Now, not only monarchs and military heroes were considered worthy of a funeral poem but also heroes of culture and of charity. The principle of personal achievement also shifted: to be deserving of a funeral poem, it was now sufficient to be an ordinary person. Funeral poetry was increasingly dedicated to relatives and especially to friends. It turned out to be a favourite medium for the cult of sentimental friendship in Russia.

The article is written in German.


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