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Mehr als (nur) eine Schrift. Zwei- und Mehrschriftigkeit in Kroatien, Serbien und Bosnien-Herzegovina

Katrin Schlund

Pages 363 - 399


More than (just) one script: Bi- and multiscriptality in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The use of more than one script in a speech community typically gives rise to the semiotization of scripts, i.e. to the association of the respective scripts with specific social and/or cultural values (e.g. Ivković 2015a; 2015b; Bunčić 2016). The present paper argues that script semiotization is a key notion for understanding the use of different scripts, as well as the often fierce debates accompanying this use, in the three Yugoslav successor states of Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia- Herzegovina. Bunčić’s (2016, 2019) model of biscriptality will serve as the theoretical framework for the description of the biscriptal situations attested in the respective countries. Although the semiotic values a6ached to the different scripts and scriptural varieties are rooted in the longestablished writing traditions of the nationalities inhabiting this part of the Balkan Peninsula, the paper also shows that the current debate is heated by an o2en selective and biased interpretation of the history of the scripts.

The article is written in German.


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