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≪Cразись со мной! Тебе бросаю вызов!≫ Дева-воительница в литературе русского модернизма

Вероника Б. Зусева-Озкан (Veronika Zuseva-Özkan)

Pages 272 - 296


“Fight me, I challenge you!”: The female warrior in Russian Modernist literature

This paper considers the gender-nonconforming figure of the woman warrior in the literature of the Silver Age in a broad comparative context. The author identifies the corpus of texts where this image in its various variants is significant, detects their sources, describes the motif and plot complex associated with the woman warrior and the most relevant topoi, proposes a typology of plots about female warriors. Finally, the specifics of the creative reception of the image of the woman warrior in Russian Modernist literature are demonstrated, as well as the transformations it undergoes.

The article is written in Russian.


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