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Feldgrenzen, Dissimilation und das Ringen um kulturelles Kapital. Selbst- und reziproke Fremdkonzeptualisierungen polnischer und belarussischer Literatur zu Beginn des 20. Jh.

Gun-Britt Kohler

Pages 035 - 067


The construction of a national Belarusian literature at the beginning of the 20th century stimulated the process of forming of a Belarusian literary field. In the transnational literary space of the former Rzeczpospolita, this called into question established field boundaries as well as the traditional distribution of cultural capital. As the legitimization of an emerging literature relies to a large degree on the accumulation of cultural capital, the ‘new’ Belarusian literature came into conflict with Polish literature in particular, mainly with regard to the reinterpretation of historically accumulated common cultural capital. Using the example of the Belarusian conceptualization of A. Mickiewicz in the newspaper Naša niva and the example of Polish critical assessments of Janka Kupala in Polish journalism, this paper investigates the reciprocal exploration of literary field boundaries and the argumentative strategies that are used in the struggle for cultural capital.

The article is written in German.


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