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Komparative Standardologie in der Südslavistik: Ausgewählte Meilensteine und Perspektiven

Monika Wingender

Pages 001 - 015


There is a long-standing tradition of investigations into Slavic standard languages. Regarding the history of the research field studies into South Slavic standard languages or comparative analyses including South Slavic standard languages significantly contributed to the development of the terminology and conceptual apparatus of standardology. The main topic of our article is on comparative standardology in South Slavic studies, with a focus on Serbo-Croatian / Croatian, Serbian: specifically, we trace the development of comparative standardology, identifying its most important milestones as well as international networking and the respective reception processes. The article aims at keeping the comparative standardology on the research agenda of South Slavic studies, as well as Slavistics in general. It concludes by outlining research desiderata and perspectives regarding the further development of comparative standardology.

The article is written in German.


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