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Auf den Spuren der Breslauer Zwerge. Eine onomastische Erkundung

Agnieszka Kołodziej

Pages 74 - 100


This paper investigates the names attributed to tknhe dwarves of Wrocław as they have become some of the city’s most recognisable symbols. The dwarves are associated with the Orange Alternative (Pomarańczowa Alternatywa): the anti-communist anarchist happening movement that was initiated in Wrocław in the 1980s. The paper aims to examine the trends and the determining factors in naming the dwarf figurines. The onymic corpus examined encompasses 831 names; semantic analysis of the corpus is used as the primary tool for data analysis, taking precedence over formal analysis. Chrematonyms are the strongest determinants for the naming of the dwarves; especially institutionyms, as well as appellatives indicating a dwarf’s profession, characteristics, etc. Moreover, the names can also be motivated by their commemorative or symbolic functions. From the formal perspective, more than half of the names (67%) are linguistic-formal structures, frequently comprising affix-based derivations and compounds.


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